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Humanities I in Action Curriculum and the Impact of Social Conscience Education

I believe this is the oldest class picture I have going back to the earliest days of Humanities I in Action, which started in 2003. This blog entry provides information about social conscience education that I began gathering at the … Continue reading

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Using Spiritual Practices to Transform Service Learning Guilt into Compassionate Action: Two Students’ Experiences

The shadow side of powerful service learning experiences, like the one that Claudia had at the Foshan orphanage, is that students carry a burden of guilt with them when they return to school. This blog entry explores the possibility of … Continue reading

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Service-Learning and Spiritual Practice: Complementary Pedagogies for the Privileged

Over Easter a number of us from HKIS went to rural China to make a short video about our girls scholarship program.  Every time I spend time with these girls, the word “virtue” comes to mind.  Their innocence and sincerity … Continue reading

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