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“Crossing Over:” A Poem about the Spiritual Journey

The 13th century Persian poet Rumi wrote love poetry that gave expression to the deepest yearnings of the human soul in search of God the Beloved. Here are two examples of his exquisite verse: “In your light I learn how … Continue reading

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Burn Your Mandala: Letting Go in a Culture of Achievement

The shadow side of high-achieving educational systems is its demoralizing and even debilitating levels of stress upon students. The Buddhist spiritual practice of creating beautiful works of art called mandalas and then destroying them when they are completed offers schools … Continue reading

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Ritual Enchantment: Stepping to the Right with Bhutanese Buddhist Practices

 “Since prehistoric times, ritual has been perhaps the most important human activity. Throughout the world there has existed an ancient and ongoing tradition of sacred action performed with the aim of improving not only our condition in the universe, but … Continue reading

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Dragons into Princesses: Knowing the Self in “Strictly Ballroom,” Buddhist Bardo, and Christian Eros

This summer’s religion course in Bhutan with my HKIS students prompted this reflection on how all of us can take what we consider our lower selves and work with these energies to become better human beings. Our group is pictured … Continue reading

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For All Sentient Beings: Meeting a Bhutanese Monk

Ten years ago I took a National Endowment for the Humanities course on Himalayan Cultures in Worcester, Massachusetts. My focus of study was on Buddhism, and I learned a great deal during the summer. However, I remember one of my … Continue reading

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