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Rebuilding Spiritual Community: The Franciscan Path of Contemplative Action

The statue of a war-weary St. Francis that stands outside of the famous basilica that bears his name in Assisi.  “What is the relation of [contemplation] to action? Simply this. He [or she] who attempts to act and do things for others … Continue reading

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Health and Wholeness: Turning Points Two Years On

Two years ago this Easter I was deeply concerned about my health. Now two years later, I can look back and see that this was a turning point in not only my health, but also in how I approached some … Continue reading

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Centering Prayer and the Call to Wisdom: A Personal Reflection

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart [bhakti], with all your soul [raja], with all your strength [karma], and with all your mind [jnana].” – Huston Smith’s forward, p. xiii in American Veda by Phlip Goldberg. Introduction I … Continue reading

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The Gate of Heaven is Everywhere: Visionary Images of Christian Education

Following failure as a soldier, Francis of Assisi came to a radical re-visioning of his life that can be aptly summarized in 2oth century Catholic monastic Thomas Merton’s phrase, “The gate of heaven is everywhere.” His affection for brother sun … Continue reading

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St. Francis, Pentecost, and Assisi 2012: A Christian Vision of Contemplative Action

Cynthia Bourgeault (second from right) is joined by Suzanne Friedericks (far right), Richard Friedericks (second from left), and myself (far left) in front of an image of St. Francis.  Cynthia along with Richard Rohr taught a week-long course in Assisi … Continue reading

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