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“I Feel Myself Radiate with Life:” One Student’s Journey of Awakening through Holistic Education Courses

“We have gone neither deep nor broad. We have emphasized neither solitude nor solidarity as essential to the spiritual journey. In fact, most of us are afraid of both and given little concrete training in either.” – Richard Rohr in … Continue reading

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Ritual Enchantment: Stepping to the Right with Bhutanese Buddhist Practices

 “Since prehistoric times, ritual has been perhaps the most important human activity. Throughout the world there has existed an ancient and ongoing tradition of sacred action performed with the aim of improving not only our condition in the universe, but … Continue reading

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Use of Wilber’s AQAL in “Service, Society, and the Sacred”

During one class period students in “Service, Society, and the Sacred” did a walking meditation on a cloth labyrinth, an experience students found unique and utterly absorbing.  The labyrinth is a symbol of wholeness, and students welcome this kind of … Continue reading

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