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“Creating Humanities II in Action: Our Story” by Matthea Najberg, Jonathan Chung, and Nicole Lim

Dear Reader, I first began teaching the Humanities I in Action course in 2003, and from the beginning it intuitively felt like the kind of education students wanted. And for more than ten years I have talked about proposing a … Continue reading

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The Refugee Run and “White Helmets:” The Deep Impact of Experiential Learning

Introduction It is a truism that “experience is the best teacher,” and so it is with Humanities I in Action, our cornerstone social conscience course at HKIS, that the second most powerful lesson in the curriculum (after the Foshan orphanage … Continue reading

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“The Global Field of Love:” Celebrating Jasmine and Ashwin’s Wedding in Burma

Introduction In 2004 a young student from Hong Kong local schools named Jasmine Lau signed up for Humanities I in Action; the course, as she said to myself and her teacher Ms. Talbot last week at her wedding, was “life-changing.” … Continue reading

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“Holding Onto Letting Go” by Sharon Kim

Sharon Kim – in center in blue track pants and white top in a “Service, Society, and the Sacred” class photo – reflects in this essay on her experience with two forms of spiritual practices that taught her how to … Continue reading

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“Compassion for Others and Compassion for Myself: The Long Journey to Finding Me Again” by Sandra Wellins

“Compassion for others and compassion for myself became the new foundation for my self-healing.” Introduction I have just completed another semester of “Service, Society, and the Sacred,*” a senior religion elective at HKIS that is designed to help students find … Continue reading

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Introducing Spiritual Practices for Spiritual Explorations Class

Dear Students, We are very excited to bring to you our new Spiritual Explorations (SPEX) course! At the heart of this new curriculum is an experience-based approach in which you will be regularly engaging in spiritual practices. This teaching strategy … Continue reading

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Walking the Bodhisattva Path: Teaching Compassion on a China Orphanage Trip

Introduction What’s really real? Having brought hundreds of students to two nearby orphanages in southern China since 1995 with a plethora of memories – good news of adoption and connection along with tragic stories of separation and loss – I … Continue reading

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