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“Dealing with the Accuser: Befriending Your Inner Critic” by Sangeeta Bansal and Marty Schmidt

All of us have a running stream of voices that direct critique inwards, which when well-managed can serve us well. However, for many students these voices become far too powerful, leaving them with low self-regard. In this blog entry guest … Continue reading

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Well-Being and Wisdom: Considerations for a Wellness Curriculum

As students enter high school, they are asked to begin to navigate the transition from adolescence to adulthood, a daunting task. A new wellness block is being offered for all incoming HKIS freshmen next year employing an interdisciplinary approach combining … Continue reading

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Essence and the Self: Entering Emptiness to Find Fullness

Introduction “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” – Jesus (Matthew 5:4) “There are various ways of escape but there is only one way of meeting sorrow. The escapes with which we are all familiar are really … Continue reading

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Moral Elevation on Holiday in Burma

“Awe is the beginning of wisdom” – Rabbi Heschel “Our ego so voraciously grasps at whatever it can get for itself; typically, it does not have what it needs, which is connection with something holy . . . rather, the … Continue reading

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