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Visiting Hong Kong Places of Worship: Grade 9 SPEX Project

The Chi Lin Nunnery and Garden in Diamond Hill is a quiet oasis in the middle of Kowloon. Dear Grade 9 SPEX Students, Spiritual Explorations is all about experiential learning, so we want to give you the opportunity to get … Continue reading

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The Middle Way between Faith-Based and Secular Education: Teaching Spiritual Practices in a World Religions Class

Introduction For years I have wrestled with how to teach religion at HKIS as a Christian school to a relatively secularized student body in a multicultural and multi-religious environment. The main issue was that while teaching from a primarily academic … Continue reading

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A Turn Towards the Vertical: Best Books and Resources of 2014

Introduction As I turned 50 last month, perhaps it’s not surprising that the best books/resources for me during this past year involved the spiritual life. As I’ve been writing for some time on this blog, this aspect seems to be … Continue reading

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Pick Your Path: Exploring Student Spiritual Practices in a Hinduism Unit

As I begin teaching Hinduism again in my World Religions class, I’ve decided to make a more explicit attempt to involve students in personal spiritual practices as part of the curriculum. This entry provides my lesson plans in this mini-unit, … Continue reading

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