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In Search of a Science-Religion Rapprochement: Introducing the Life and Vision of Teilhard de Chardin

“I fully expect that in the next millennium Teilhard will generally be regarded as the fourth major thinker of the western Christian tradition. These would be St. Paul, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Teilhard.” – Thomas Berry, The Human Phenomenon, p. … Continue reading

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Body, Mind and Heart: A New Curriculum Approach to “Service, Society, and the Sacred”

Three years ago my Humanities I in Action students and I wrapped up our yearlong study with the Heroic Cycle ritual at Mary Knoll retreat house in Stanley. Now three years later some of these students will join me again … Continue reading

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“Can I Teach a Whole Semester on Purpose?”

Reflections on a New Approach to Teaching “Service, Society, and the Sacred” “Inside of every student – from kindergarten through graduate school – lurks an implicit question, often unformed and unconscious, rarely spoken.  It’s a simple question on the surface, … Continue reading

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