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Using Spiritual Practices to Transform Service Learning Guilt into Compassionate Action: Two Students’ Experiences

The shadow side of powerful service learning experiences, like the one that Claudia had at the Foshan orphanage, is that students carry a burden of guilt with them when they return to school. This blog entry explores the possibility of … Continue reading

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“Christianity’s Hidden Driveshaft:” Cynthia Bourgeault’s Law of Three as Trinitarian Template of Transformation

Introduction When I first started teaching I wondered: where is the power of education? Or, to frame the question in Christian terms that remain my most natural mode, where is the power of Christ to transform lives? Somehow it seemed … Continue reading

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“Inspired Choices” by Andrea Zavadszky about Humanities I in Action (South China Morning Post, August 4, 2014)

Following our TEDx talk in May a reporter from the South China Morning Post scheduled an interview with Mike and myself for an article, and now it has just been published. The article represents the course well. We are especially … Continue reading

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Room for Compassion: Finding Presence in a Chinese Orphanage

Yash with one of the children at the Foshan Orphanage Introduction “Perpetual sacrifice. It is an ideology that invades nearly every aspect of our lives. What is being sacrificed? What is the common thread? Most fundamentally, it is a sacrifice … Continue reading

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Discovering Reality and Empathy in a Chinese orphanage


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Visiting the Foshan Orphanage: Considering the Human Condition in Humanities I in Action

Every year the Humanities I in Action classes visit the Foshan orphanage as a vital experiential dimension of our curriculum.  Four classes will visit the orphanage during two different weekends in November. For many students, the Foshan trip is the … Continue reading

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“Kanyini in a Chinese Orphanage” by Nikki Kwan

During our three days visiting the Foshan orphanage, we take students on one afternoon excursion to visit a towering Kuan Yin statue, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion, to learn more about this most essential quality of our weekend experience.  Nikki … Continue reading

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